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Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher

Growing up in Montreal, a city tinted with a rich multicultural reality, shaped me into the young adult I became.

I then developed a keen interest in human conditions and ways on how to accompany those living through challenging life situations. I was naturally drawn into completing studies in Social Work and I have been practicing clinical social work for more than 18 years.

In 2006, Yoga came into my life.  I was touched profoundly and continued to deepen my experience with daily sadhana.  After many years, I longed to share this possibility with others and travelled to India to receive my intensive 1750 hour teacher training. I was trained and certified by Sadhguru Gurukulam at the Isha Yoga Center in South India, founded by the Yogi and Mystic, Sadhguru. Once having gone through this transformational experience, I started to teach and share this knowledge, by imparting classical hatha yoga practices in its authentic form.

Co-founder of Akasha – Yoga & Ayurveda, I am currently based in India, offering workshops in Jamnagar, but also in various cities in Europe and in Canada.



It has been a great privilege to be able to share Sadhguru's teachings. I am forever grateful.

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