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Hatha Yoga : A Reality Check

Besides the numerous other benefits, how is the practice of Hatha Yoga a reality check?

Have you ever had that feeling where you have gone through a transformation and have now arrived at a NEW me? A 2.0 version?

It's amazing and it feels great, but without proper attention and clarity, it can become very tricky also!

We can rearrange our lives in a way that we do what we want, surround ourselves with the people who ‘vibe’ at the same frequency, adopt a different lifestyle, beliefs, opinions, fashion, etc. But is that it? Or is it just another plateau?

There is nothing wrong with shaking the status quo, questioning, experimenting new paths and possibilities. But how to not fall into the trap of becoming stagnant in our growth?

Personally, the practice of Hatha Yoga has always been a reality check for me because I have known the body to be much more grounded than the mind. And as we all know this too well, the mind can play so many tricks on us!! We can easily believe that we are blissful, spiritual and that we are the best thing that ever happened to the rest of humanity! And if we are leading a life without challenging situations, away from people who ‘’push our buttons’’ etc, we will become stagnant, and crystalize some false ideas about ourselves. When this happens, growth goes out the window!

One way for me to keep a check on myself has been the daily practice of Hatha Yoga.

Day in, day out.

Tired or not, with or without motivation.

The dedication to a daily practice has some kind of magical power that is humbling.

In Sanskrit हठ (haṭha) means forceful.

Now if you have committed yourself to a daily practice of Hatha Yoga, you know very well that it does not always happen with ease. And the practice won't happen at all if you have unwavering dedication!

Every single day when I find myself on that yoga mat, it is always a conscious choice. Not always an easy one, but one that always clears my mind, and reminds me that I am starting an entire process of transformation from point zero. As should be the rest of the day, moment by moment. This is the ultimate reality check for me.

What is yours?



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