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Learn a fun and complete workout, that will leave you feeling absolutely fit, amazing and rejuvenated

This workshop offers you:

A complete fitness routine which you can practice independently

A series of 30 dynamic exercises involving standing, squatting, sitting and lying down processes, using your own body weight

A convenient daily routine which will take you 30 minutes and can be practiced anywhere, without the need for any equipment

Workshop details

June 15th & 16th 2019

Session 1: Saturday 2pm-5pm
Session 2: Sunday 9am-12pm

Session 3: Sunday 5pm-8pm 

(all 3 sessions mandatory)


Hatha Yoga Shala: 5181 Avenue du Parc, 2nd floor, Montreal, QC, H2V 4G3


CAD $225

Why Angamardana

This workshop is perfect for you if:

You're looking to tone up your body or wishing to better manage your weight

You wish to have an easy routine to incorporate into your busy lifestyle without having to commit to a membership

You want to eliminate sluggishness by boosting your energy throughout the day

You are looking for a looking for a safe and comprehensive fitness system that understands the human anatomy and physiology 


I received my training at the Isha Hatha Yoga Center in India in 2014, a 6-month (1750 hours) teacher training under the guidance of Sadhguru.  

I have been teaching Isha Hatha Yoga for the last 4 years in North America and in Europe.

The practice of Hatha Yoga, has impacted my health and wellbeing in a significant way, and I see this positive transformation also in all those who take it up.

I invite you to come and learn this powerful practice transmitted through ancient yogic science, which is a privilege for me to share with you.

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