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Have you ever felt a complete sense of peace when in an Asana?

Before we get to that….

Asana means a posture and it comprises the third Limb of Yoga, preceded by Yamas and Niyamas in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Now, this one has become famous, the rockstar of Yoga!

To a point that when you ask most people about Yoga, they say it’s all about these strange physical postures.

Asanas are known to be preparatory step, though an important one towards spiritual growth. The body is seen as the temple of the Spirit, therefore preparing the body, means creating the necessary basis for the evolving of our spirit.

Sadhguru explains that an Asana (posture) that is conducive to attain to a higher possibility is called a Yogasana. Yoga means Union. If Union is to happen between you and the Source, it should happen in a certain way. At Isha, we were taught this beautiful practice of Hatha Yoga in the utmost committed way, as we were trained to transmit this knowledge in a very specific and exact way. If one begins to practice it in this almost sacred way, it becomes a path of its own.

Benefits of Asanas?

The subtle process of practicing Asanas has a tremendous impact on health.

Physically, it will bring agility, strength and supports to counter chronic ailments as well as balance hormonal levels. It stabilizes not only the body, but also the mind in a very powerful way.

Practicing classical Hatha Yoga in the morning, helps me to go through the day in an effortless way. I surely notice an increase of energy and vitality! On the level of the mind, I experience more focus and clarity. And what a rejuvenating process it is!

You may actually start to feel and look younger! This is not an exaggeration. So many people claim feeling much more healthy, fit and younger after a certain period of consistent daily practice.

It may well be the fountain of youth!

‘Aligning yourself with the Cosmic Geometry’


This is not just a fanciful expression.

You can actually experience this….or whatever this may mean for you.

Imagine this :

It is dawn.

You may hear the birds chirping, and you step onto your yoga mat after a refreshing shower. With gratitude in your heart and with your eyes closed, you begin your practice of Asanas after several preparatory steps. Aligning your breath with each movement, you reach the posture. You stay there while breathing, aware of the alignment of the posture (or attempting towards it). There, you may find a space within yourself, you had never experienced before. A whole new possibility can open up. You may be struggling to keep your mind focused, or reaching the full posture, but once everything comes together in a single alignment, you may actually experience the whole existence within you. Could this be that of cosmic geometry? Could this be that Union? You discover a complete sense of peace that has always been there.

Yes, Asanas may be one of the preparatory steps towards further yogic practices, like meditation, but they are, oh so phenomenal!

They completely transform the body, mind and energy. Despite the fact that they are done with the body, it goes beyond the physical aspect.

The practice of Asanas, or Hatha Yoga, is about bringing inward focus, it is an inward process. Only then one can explode into this unparalleled dimension of Union.

Happy International Day of Yoga, everyone!



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