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Sankalpa for 2019


I've always enjoyed reading blogs, not only because they shed light on different topics, but also because it is such a unique opportunity to quickly read through the perceptions of the author. Perhaps it is my background as a Social Worker. In all these years, I've always loved hearing people's inspiring perspectives on life. There are people who just know how to express what is sometimes difficult to put into words. Listening or reading to someone else's experiences is a wonderful opportunity to learn, reflect and be inspired.


At the end of each year I usually set some kind of intention for the following one, in Sanskrit this is called Sankalpa (SAN, means "a connection with the highest truth," and KALPA, means "vow.").

For 2019 I have put forth the intention to bring more clarity to my own perspectives, my aspirations, my values and my practices. Looking back, I guess I have always been more of a reader than writer, so to make this experience more real, I have decided to give blogging a try. I feel that when we write, we tend to contextualize thoughts and experiences. Writing down the words helps to gain perspective. I am stepping into uncharted territories, so bare with me... let's see where this goes...


More than an Isha Hatha Yoga teacher, I am a meditator and a volunteer. Not only I have committed to sharing Sadhguru's teachings, but mostly making them a living reality for myself. In this journey, I am grateful to walk the path along with so many amazing souls, who, inspired and touched by Sadhguru, show amazing commitment and dedication to the teachings and the practices.

In this Sankalpa, I will be sharing my own Yoga journey, my daily challenges, how I am able to keep determination, motivation, dedication even in tough times and more. Maybe you will also find bits and pieces of inspiration and support.

Next post is in the making.... Stay tuned!





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